What to Consider When Investing in an Umbrella

The easiest way to make sure you never lose your umbrella again? Invest in a quality piece you’ll hold dear.

Ask a guy forking over $5 for a flimsy disposable brolly during a downpour, and he’ll surely admit—both practically and philosophically—that he'd prefer not be a man who lives rainstorm to rainstorm. Most anyone would like to be the type who invests in quality and reaps the benefits for years to come. As long as you’re convinced that’s the man you want to be, we implore you: Go forth on a sunny, cloudless day and purchase a quality umbrella in which you can take pride. Buy the umbrella you want your children to know you owned. Just consider these following tips:

The fewer moving parts, the better.

Lots of hinges and joints in the metal undercarriage (typically made of aluminum, though nickel, brass, and steel are superior) can make an umbrella more collapsible and therefore more compact. But they also increase overall flimsiness and susceptibility to flipping inside out with a strong gust of wind. If you can live with a full-sized umbrella that can’t tuck away easily into your shoulder bag, we say go for it.

Choose a handle that’s comfortable in your grip.

Whether you prefer a small duckbill or a big cane-style hook, make sure the handle is comfortable and secure in your hand. The hope is that you’ll be gripping it for years to come.

Choose a canopy color that can pair with any outfit.

Apply the same logic you’d use with sport coats and suit jackets—even if you’re going with a classic black or navy canopy, you can take a risk with a colorful or patterned canopy lining.

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