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We’ve been planning our dream weddings since we were five years old. So it’s no surprise that we can’t get enough of Lover.ly, a wedding inspiration site that lets you search through pics of swoon-worthy gowns, bouquets, and everything else you need for the big day. Once a week, the ladies behind Lover.ly will be sharing their best tips for getting through the craziness of the season—whether you’re standing at the altar or enjoying a view of it from the audience.

If you're a VIP in an upcoming wedding, you may be charged with putting together a day-of emergency kit for the (unlikely) worst-case scenario. (Think: Red wine on the bride's gown right before the first dance, a broken heel, or shifting strapless bra.) Here's everything you need to make sure you’re 100 percent prepared: 

Kit inset

Packing list:
• Two sizes of scissors (a standard-size pair for cutting large items and a pair of nail scissors for little snips)
• Safety pins
• A sewing kit with needle and thread in your wedding colors
• Super glue
• Scotch tape
• Hem tape
• Fashion tape
• Q-tips
• A small tub of Oxi Clean (Use it to draw out that red wine stain!)
• A stain-remover stick or wipes
• Tissues
Deodorant or deodorant wipes
• Dental floss
• Mints or gum
• Baby wipes
• Rubbing alcohol
• Tylenol and any OTC medication the bride needs regularly
• Tampons
Egyptian Magic (for everything from dry lips to cracked heels!)
• A backup phone charger

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