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February 27, 2018

What We're Obsessed with This Month: February

Accessory We're All Loving: Allbirds Sneakers

About ten different Birchbox staffers introduced me to these shoes, and my feet have been thanking them ever since. Allbirds have been dubbed the worlds most comfortable shoe and I can confidently confirm that claim is true. Made from merino wool, these shoes manage to be comfortable, functional, fashionable, and environmentally conscious all at the same time. My feet have never been happier.

Podcast Were Listening To: Oprahs SuperSoul Conversations

While most people were obsessed with the Super Bowl (or at least the commercials) this past month, we were obsessed with SuperSoul Conversationsa new podcast from the legendary Oprah. This podcast features insightful conversations with some of the biggest thought leaders in the world (think Arianna Huffington, Shonda Rhimes, President Jimmy Carter, and so many more). Oprah opens each podcast with the same sentiment which has really resonated with me and I hope it will for you, too: Welcome to SuperSoul Conversations, the podcast. I believe one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time. Taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now.

Fashion Trend We're Wearing: Bold Graphic Stripes

I am not one for the quick uptake of trends, but one that I am definitely digging this spring is graphic stripes. Bright and colorful, this pattern dominated the fall 2018 runways during New York Fashion Week, causing me to run straight to the closest department store to pick up some new staples like this. Oh, and this one too. This one too.

What Were Gifting: Greetabl

Thanks to Natalie Reece, the senior associate on our Social and Content Team, for showing me that gift-giving can be the easiest thing to do ever. Greetabl is an online one-stop-shop to choose, personalize, and send gifts to basically anyone. Choose from their box designs (there are so many fun ones!), and then pick which gift you want to include inside. There's candy, chocolate, jewelry, candles, or you dont have to choose and can mix and match all of the above! You can add a personalized message, photos of you and the person you're gifting, then just click send. It's so easy but still thoughtfulthe gift game has just changed forever.

Latest Addition to Our Beauty Routine: The Lip Service Kit

Exclusive to Birchbox, this kit was hand-picked by our makeup merchants to give your lips some love. The Sara Happ The Lip Scrub has truly transformed my lips (bye, bye flakes!), and Im always looking for different lip colors to play with since I havent found my perfect match yet. Oh, did I mention the kit is worth over $110 and you can get it for $28? Now that's lip service.

What You're Loving This Month: Self-Care

We asked our followers on Instagram what theyve fallen in love with this month, and we were thrilled to see that many people had a lot to say about self-care. @fitgirl_srndpty said that shes "obsessed with finding herself," and @kilubear said shes "in love with herself, and rediscovering her natural look again." In a month that puts a big focus on showing your love for other people, it's important to remember to start by loving yourself.


Alexis Bridenbaugh