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March 27, 2018

What We're Obsessed with This Month: March

What Were Wearing: Outdoor Voices

I've never been a believer in investing in pricey activewear. My old shorts and tank tops from college always seemed good enough for the average sweat sesh. But recently, some friends on the Birchbox staff introduced me to Outdoor Voices, an up-and-coming athletic wear brand that was started by a 27-year-old woman in Boulder, Coloradoand I have officially retired my worn out duds. There really is something to the notion that when you feel good in your workout gear, you actually want to work out harder. Every time I wear my favorite Outdoor Voices leggings I find myself pushing to run that extra mile with a little more spring in my step.

Not only are their signature leggings comfortable, durable, and fashionable, but I'm also inspired by the brands mission. They believe in having fun with fitness, and put an emphasis on community rather than competition. Read more about their story here.

Latest Addition to Our Routine: Dry Brushing

Its getting warmer out (barely, but we'll take it), which means hemlines and sleeves are going to start getting shorter and shorter. I love a sundress just as much as the next gal, but I find I'm most confident showing off some skin when I've done some prep. To be honest, dry brushing seemed like a totally unnecessary step to add to my routine at first, until I tried it. Not only are there incredible beauty benefits to dry brushing, like buffing away dead skin cells and improving the appearance of skin tone, but it also feels incredible and helps to stimulate the bodys circulation and lymphatic systems. It's a perfect way to treat yourself to a little bit of self-care every day. New to dry brushing? Check out our 101 guide!

What Were Reading: DIY Rules for a WTF World: How to Speak Up, Get Creative, and Change the World by Krista Suh

I have been tempted to pick up this book since it was first released, but when Vogue named it one of their "Books to Change Your Life in 2018," I finally bought a copy. Krista Suh is a feminist activist and the creator of the Pussyhat Project (the pink hats you saw everybody wearing during the Women's March on Washington). In the wave of its success, Suh released this fun and engaging guide to improving yourself and reaching your greatest potential.

What Were Double-Tapping: Anything by @bymariandrew

Thanks to Lorelei Orfeo for the recommendation on this one! I now love to follow writer and illustrator Mari Andrew's Instagram account in which she posts cheeky infographic-like illustrations that feature a girl with dark hair and glasses (that would be Andrew's) who navigates her way through lifes ups, downs, and everything in between. She tackles complex topics like heartbreak, success, failure, and even death in a refreshingly simplistic approach that maintains a sense of tact and intention. Somehow, even the most personal illustrations seem relatable to her almost one million followers.

What Were Listening to: "Found Tonight" by Lin Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt

If you are a Broadway geek like me, you will understand the significance of this collaboration. Found Tonight combines "Story of Tonight" from Mirandas Hamilton and "You Will Be Found" from Dear Evan Hansen, creating a beautiful acoustic mash-up that will simultaneously give you goosebumps and bring you to tears. You may have caught Miranda and Platt performing the song at the March for Our Lives event in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, March 24th, an initiative for which a portion of all proceeds from the musical collaboration will benefit.


Alexis Bridenbaugh