What You’re Craving: Chocolate

Even though we’ve never met a chocolate we didn’t like, we do have our favorites. And we’ve seen first-hand how polarizing chocolate preferences can be. (Just think of those vicious debates over the legitimacy of white chocolate!) Now, as highly trained chocolate experts (read: untrained chocolate enthusiasts), we’re helping you decode what your chocolate craving says about your personality. Study up to become a more informed indulger.

White Chocolate: The Non-Conventionalist.

You buck tradition whenever possible. In fact, this isn’t even real chocolate! It’s a chocolate derivative with no cocoa solids. You’re also laidback and chill since white chocolate has barely any caffeine.

Treat Yourself: Jacques Torres White Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate: The Purist

Your motto is, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ You would never choose processed, sweetened food over the real thing and chocolate is no exception. You’ll savor each piece, knowing exactly where the cacao beans were grown and what percentage dark chocolate it is.

Treat Yourself: sweetriot riotBar

Spicy Chocolate: The Adventurer

You’ve read Frommers inside and out and criss-crossed the globe with only a backpack (even if it was just a dream). You’ll try just about anything — local delicacies, skydiving — you name it. So of course you’re up for chocolate spiked with chilies — the more extreme the better.

Treat Yourself: Vosges Red Fire Exotic Candy Bar for extra tingly snacking or Chuao Spicy Maya for a more mild flame.

Salty Chocolate: The Epicurean

You’re a bit of a snob, to be honest. That’s ok, we like snobs. You always know the best restaurants; you have impeccable taste and a very discerning palate. That’s why you take your chocolate so seriously. You’ve known how well salt and chocolate go together for ages, so now it’s time to graduate to more sophisticated ingredients, like toasted Japanese bread crumbs and sea salt .

Treat Yourself: Chuao Panko Bar

PopRocks Chocolate: The Inner-Child

It’s not that you haven’t grown up yet; it’s just that you’re very in touch with your inner child. You have lasting enthusiasm for the little things in life and a penchant for mischief, which means you’ll love the nostalgic combo of dark chocolate and the candy of your youth.

Treat Yourself: Chuao Firecracker Chocolate

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