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June 8, 2015

When Is It OK for Men to Cry?

It's Fine to Cry When:

** Experiencing Extreme Pain:** In a world where self-expression is celebrated, this might be the best way to express your feelings.

** Someone Is Literally Shooting at You:** Or because people in the world are actually getting shot at, and violence and warfare are things you can't really fathom.

** Watching Toy Story 3:** In fact, it's kind of mandatory.

** Holding Your Firstborn:** Please, please cry in this moment. Because A) it's beautiful, and B) you should be a little terrified.

It's Not Fine to Cry When:

** Someone Is Fake Shooting at You:** Basically, no tears over video games, fellas. It's a game. Made of pixels.

** Looking at Yourself in the Mirror:** Turn off the Dashboard Confessional album and walk away.

** Browsing the Crate and Barrel Catalog:** Maybe you can't afford anything, or maybe everything is just so damn pretty... but hold it together, man!

** You're at Work:** Never let them see you cry. Ever. This goes for interns, middle managers, CEOs, and everyone in between. (Unless you're an actor, in which case it's actually your job to cry.)

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Adam Hurly