Where Should You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Vacation season is upon us and the biggest conundrum is where to set your sights. Want a getaway that’s a perfect fit for your personality? We’ve got just the quiz for you. Discover which U.S. city you should visit on your next vacation, and you just might win a roundtrip flight there and back on JetBlue. (See below for details.)

1. When I wake up and look out the window, I want to see:

A. A sleepy river, rolling hills, and a sunset in the distance
B. A mix of town and country—love both buildings and green space
C. A city that never sleeps
D. Craggy cliffs, crashing waves, and a lighthouse if I’m lucky
E. The ocean….preferably with no fog, but I’ll take it either way

2. Your ideal summer meal is:

A. Smoky barbecue and a microbrew
B. Deep dish pizza done right
C. Why do I have to pick just one cuisine? I want it all!
D. A lobster roll and chips, eaten dockside
E. Farmer’s market salad and homemade soda

3. You’ll never pass up…

A. Live music—or shopping for vintage vinyl
B. A guided architectural tour
C. Museum touring, perhaps followed by an afternoon matinee
D. Any seaside adventure
E. Picnicking, kite-flying, cycling—if it’s outdoors, I’m game

4. Your idea of the ultimate gift is

A. Tickets to music and food festival
B. A spot in an amateur improv workshop
C. Bespoke luggage
D. A day trip on a wood sailboat
E. A guided tour of Pixar or the next Apple gadget (before release)

5. It's movie night! Your flick of choice:

A. Dazed and Confused
B. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
C. When Harry Met Sally
D. The Cider House Rules
E. Mrs. Doubtfire

6. Your preferred poison…

A. Comes in growlers, taps, cans, and bottles
B. Anything with pop
C. Is made with a hard shake and finished with a swizzle stick
D. A toss up between a gin and tonic or dark and stormy
E. Is juicy and full-bodied

Find the city that matches your most common answer, and click through to discover unexpected sights in each city.

A's - Austin
B's - Chicago
C's - New York
D's - Portland, ME
E's - San Francisco

Can't pick just one? Explore all five destinations here.

*Want to win a pair of JetBlue plane tickets? Take this quiz using the pamphlet from your June Birchbox, and share your destination match to be entered. Just snap a photo, share it on Twitter or Instagram, and tag #Birchbox and #JetBlue.

View the rules and restrictions for the sweepstakes here.

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