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Makeup · June 6, 2021

How to Store Beauty Products So That They Work Better, Last Longer

Keep Products Out of Direct Sunlight

Most of your makeup and skincare will be fine at room temperatureif you can keep them out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will accelerate the aging of a product by heating it up, which can break down active ingredients, explains Frey. While shady countertops and vanities get a passing grade (more so for products that come in dark packaging, which blocks UV rays), its best to store the majority of your products inside cabinets and drawers to keep them safe.

Free Up Room in Your Fridge

Cool temperatures can extend the shelf life of some products (it also makes cooled-product-application feel that much more refreshing). Clear space for any skincare products with retinol or vitamin C: The cold temperatures slow down the degradation of both ingredients. Speed up the de-puffing powers of your favorite eye cream. Stashing nail polish in the fridge can help get rid of clumps (though you have to shake it more to get rid of separation). Is your lipstick starting to melt? Stick it in the fridge until it re-solidifies, then take it out when youre ready to apply. (Dont store lipstick in the fridge forever, however: oil and wax separate over time in cold temp.)

Skip the Bathroom Vanity

The steam from your shower is not doing your products any favors. Water can condense on the surface of certain cosmetics and start to generate mold, says Frey. Move bath salts, scrubs, powders, and anything that doesnt have a really strong seal (think compacts and eye shadows) someplace dry. The same goes for any tools, like your Beautyblender Original, for example, that can become breeding grounds for mold if continually damp. After cleaning it, let it air dry outside of the bathroom.

Avoid Freezing Temps, Too

According to Frey, extremely cold temperatures can be just as harmful to your products as heat. Emulsions like lotions, creams, and conditioners in particular become very unstable if partially frozen and later thawed. If you live somewhere where temps drop in the winter, remove your daily-use products from window sills, and relocate any extra products you may be storing in the garage or basement.

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Erica Smith