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Fragrance · February 12, 2019

Find a Cologne Youll Never Get Sick Of | Birchbox

1. You have two weeks to go on vacationwhere do you go?

A. A quiet mountain cabin
B. Staycation! Time to tackle errands and relax
C. To the beach, duh

D. Road trip with the boys

E. A new city with a lot going on

2. Youre grabbing drinks with some coworkers. What do you order first?

A. Smoky barbecue and a microbrew

B. Deep dish pizza done right

C. Why do I have to pick just one cuisine? I want it all!

D. A lobster roll and chips, eaten dockside

E. Farmers market salad and a homemade soda

3. Where do you feel most at home?

A. My favorite restaurant/bar

B. Surrounded by fresh air

C. When Im invested in a project

D. At home, obviously

E. At a partyready to meet new people

4. Which is your favorite meal of the day?

A. Dinner

B. Breakfast

C. Lunch

D. All the same to me

E. 3 a.m. bodega sandwich

5. Whats your ideal pet?

A. Dog

B. No thanks, not a pet person

C. Cat

D. Fish

E. Tiger, naturally

6. Whats your favorite season?

A. Spring

B. No preference

C. Summer

D. Winter

E. Fall

7. Okserious questionhow many colognes do you currently own?

A. One, and I got it as a gift

B. None

C. Two or three
D. Does deodorant count?

E. Too many to keep track

8. Your favorite smell is

A. Freshly cut grass

B. Clean laundry

C. A juice place

D. A wood-burning fire

E. A big pot of homemade chili


##Mostly As
Atelier Cologne - Trfle Pur Cologne Absolue

You love a wide, open field. And you might not have known this about yourself, but you also are a picnic basket person. Thats right, grab that checkered cloth youve seen in the movies, pack a picnic basket, and find a clearing in the forest. This highly concentrated scent has earthy notes with some hints of clover, so expect to smell primed and ready for this nature-filled life youre about to lead.

Mostly Bs

Hercules MAN Evros

Modesty is the name of your game, and this fragrance is about to make that the quality that everyone knows (and appreciates) you for. Youre a quiet leader that always thinks before you speak. You enjoy the feeling of fresh air in your lungs, and a wooded forest around you. This crisp scent is a cultivated blend of all of those things distilled into bottle form: woodsy notes, with delicate hints of apple and citrus.

Mostly Cs

English Laundry - Oxford Bleu

Did you know that youre an Everyman? Youre an even-keeled person who also just happens to look as comfortable in a tux as spending a sunny day at the beach. We all wanna be like you, with your breezy attitude and refreshing demeanor. What does an irresistible Everyman smell like? Zesty lemon and mint, with fresh geranium and sandalwoodobviously.

Mostly Ds

Blackbird - Pipe Bomb

Are you a scientist? Do you want to be? This fragrance has a transformative quality where the scent has more than meets the surface, reacting with your body chemistry to create a unique experience for each wearer. Starting as a subtle fragrance, and then evolving into a smoldering mix of warm incense and cool salt water. See, we knew you were a scientist.

Mostly Es

Clean Reserve - Terra Woods

No one holds you back. Experiences are what its all about, right? You do what you want, and hate being boxed in. Thats why this is the scent for you: woodsy in nature, but with floral notes that give way to creamy coconut. The juxtaposition of scents make this the cologne that fits all the seasons. Keep being you, it sounds (and smells) glorious.