Whip Your Feet into Prime Sandal Shape

Between walking on hot sand to squeezing into too-tight sandals, your feet can start to look a little worse for the wear during the summer months. But that doesn’t have to be the case—these easy techniques will help you maintain soft, hydrated, and strappy-sandal-worthy feet all season long.

Soak and Soften

We know you’re eager to get rid of rough skin, but it’s important to prep your feet first. Start by soaking them in warm water for at least 10 minutes to make exfoliation easier. Then gently rub a Sumbody Exfolating Bonbon across the tops and bottoms of feet to loosen dead skin and relax tired muscles.

Outsource Exfoliation

Instead of manually scrubbing your feet into oblivion, try the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation. The device oscillates at more than 300 times a second—much faster than your hands can move! The brush head softens skin, while the Pedi-Buff treatment formula helps speedily slough it off. Finally the Balm Treatment smooths everything over.

Seal In Moisture While You Sleep

Thicker skin like the type on your feet requires more intense hydration, so opt for balms, butters, and creams. Apply a layer of Perlier’s shea butter-laced Moisturizing Body Cream to feet after exfoliating and before bed each night. If blisters are bringing you down, dab on a little Egyptian Magic—the cult beauty favorite promotes healing and reduces irritation.

Keep Your Toenails Healthy

Apply a cuticle oil daily instead—we love this one from Deborah Lippmann. If you notice your nails are slightly yellow or dark, brighten them up by brushing on a little whitening toothpaste, advises celeb manicurist Bethany Newell.

Make Your Pedi Last Longer

To lengthen the life of your polish, apply a clear top coat on day two and five after a pedicure. Newell also recommends wiping nails clean after applying sunscreen to prevent yellowing of the polish and potential chipping. All the more reason to keep these Jasmine SevenTM Fresh Feet WipesTM in your beach bag.

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Photo: Song of Style

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