Winter-Proof Your Skincare Routine

During the frigid months, your skin gets mired in a discontented winter all its own. Cold, dry air leads to dehydrated and flaky skin. Reduced daylight hours and more time spent indoors conspire to put a damper on your natural glow. In the same way that you put on a thermal armor for the season, you need to outfit your grooming with a few extra layers as well. Follow our guide to conquering winter skin woes and you’ll soon be celebrating your victory on a snowy mountain summit.

Kick Hydration up a Notch

Worked an SPF-packed everyday moisturizer into your regimen? Excellent. But the bitter cold calls for protection beyond just your face and neck. Be sure to hydrate your limbs, especially rougher and drier patches like knees and elbows. The ideal time to apply is right after the shower. Guythority by Jock Soap’s Tall Drink Body Hydrator lotion includes naturally exfoliating sugarcane, plus replenishing African shea butter, bee pollen, and soybean.

Bring a Serum On Board

If moisturizers quench your skin’s thirst, then serums are like the IV drip that shoots nutrients straight into it for a much-needed boost. The smaller molecules in serums allow the fluids to penetrate skin deeper, and make them that much more effective. ZIRH's Anti-Aging Serum uses niacinamide and silicone particles to even out your skin’s tone and texture, counteracting any cold weather ruddiness. Anthony Logistics® for Men Vitamin C Facial Serum helps parch-proof your complexion by treating it with vitamin C and a barrage of antioxidants.

Moisturize the Air You Breathe

When temperatures drop, the moisture in the air does too. Because of this, heaters become both your savior and your scourge. They keep you warm but also dry out your epidermis. Solution: a humidifier, which will replace the moisture in the air. Turn it on at night and your pores will open up, making topical nighttime solutions even more effective. Try the Air-O-Swiss 7147—it creates ultra-fine steam that disperses evenly through the air of your home.

Apply a Touch of Color

Cold weather will undoubtedly mean a lot more time indoors. That’s no excuse to skimp on the SPF, but we won’t blame you for wanting to “maintain your natural glow,” in the words of one Cosmo Kramer. It may sound like a stretch, but there’s no reason you can’t try a tinted moisturizer that comes with a little color. We like this tinted BB Cream from Dr. Jart. Unlike the tanning salon, this stuff is actually good for your skin.

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