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Grooming · January 8, 2018

Winter Skincare Tips for Men


The first step in revamping mens skincare routines for winter is getting your hands on a gentle cleanser. Less heat means less sweat, so go for a not-so aggressive cleanser such as Baxter of Californias Daily Face Wash - it gently cuts dirt and oil but also has aloe to combat irritation.


You may think of exfoliating as a winter foe, but removal of dead skin cells is a must year-round to make sure your moisturizer is penetrating your skin and working as effectively as possible. As always, aim for 2-3 times a week - we recommend something sans harsh scrubbing beads such as DTRTs First Thing First Face Scrub.


Moisture, moisture, moisture - thats what winters all about (but really, every season for that matter). A richer moisturizer is key to keeping dry skin away and oil at bay. Dont reach for the heaviest cream on the shelf, in fact there are many heavy-duty moisturizers that are equally as lightweight as their summertime brethren. Take Cliff Originals Unscented Moisturizer - its formulated with essential oils and vitamin E to deeply moisturize without being heavy or greasy, done and done.

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