Wisdom of Oz: Beauty In Action

As the daughter of the country’s favorite health expert, Dr. Oz, it’s fair to say that Daphne Oz has the wellness gene. When she was just a junior at Princeton she published The Dorm Room Diet, a guide to avoiding the Freshman 15, and now writes regularly about health, in addition to working on two new books. Oz is a bit of a health geek, studying The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods and concocting natural beauty remedies in her Manhattan kitchen. We don’t know whether her gorgeous skin comes from the essential oils, natural skincare products, or daily spin class, but whatever it is, sign us up.

I love the whole kitchen-as-apothecary idea. I just putter around the kitchen to see what works. I make my own scrubs all the time, like an oatmeal face scrub or a salt and olive oil body scrub. I also use low-quality olive oil on my skin as a moisturizer, foot soak, anything.

I do a simple apple cider rinse to keep my hair shiny – mix about four tablespoons into two cups of water, scrub it around to get at the roots, and then rinse it out. Next, just wash your hair with a non-stripping shampoo.

The term product junkie doesn’t even begin to describe me. I don’t use anything with sodium lauryl sulfate or artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances. My grandmother got me into using Dr. Hauschka facial products and they work well – I think because they’re not harsh at all.

Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift’s organic makeup line, RMS Beauty, is amazing. The Living Luminizer is the best-kept secret of models everywhere –it’s basically just minerals and coconut oil, and it’s beautiful and natural.

I get tons of essential oils from Young Living Oils. All their oils are clean-pressed so that they maintain as much potency as possible. I use different scents depending on my mood and the season, but lately I have been putting a few tissues soaked in eucalyptus over my humidifier and it really helps freshen my apartment.

My daily treat is a Soul Cycle spinning class. I usually despise group fitness, but Soul Cycle is bizarrely relaxing because you can just close your eyes, zen out and and pretend no one is there. It’s a very cool, non-competitive, non-judgmental environment where you can push yourself to get results.

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