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December 21, 2018

Your 2019 Horoscope: What Each Sign Will Be Most Excited About This Year

In fact, you may already have begun to feel the planets push towards amplified bounty in a certain life realm over the past few weeks. Maybe youre suddenly receiving three times more event invitations or clicking into a newly nourishing wellness routine. Whatever the case, you can expect more as the year goes on. Once you know exactly where Jupiter has your back, you can lean into that domain, keep your eye out for opportunities you might otherwise miss, and embrace a conviction that whatever comes your way is intended for your greatest growth.

ARIES: Travel + Learning

Book the flight youve been eyeing. Secure your spot in the spirituality course. This year is all about broadening your worldview, as Jupiter beams its expansive light on the part of your chart thats built for far-off exploration and discovery. As an action-oriented Aries, youre often chasing curiosities that seem to spark out of thin air, though they may fizzle just as quickly. Now, Jupiter gives you the go-ahead to engage with whatever fuels your fire so long as you commit to seeing them through to fruition. Your spontaneous Aries M.O., paired with Jupiters bigger is better energy, could lead you a little too far over the edge, so beware of indulgent risk-taking. Wild globetrotting isnt the only option, anywaya remote online class or any form of academia might be a great way to wander through a world beyond whats familiar. Look for lasting lessons of the spiritual bent in each and every journey, literal and figurative.

TAURUS: Intimacy

Get ready to go deep. 2019 is all about finding fortitude in vulnerability. Its time for your tough cookie-type sign to truly let others in. Those who join you in your most honest and profound relationships might not be as steadfast as you are, Taurusyou may find instead that youre enmeshed with those who encourage you to embrace mutability as they widen your view of the world. By sharing more of yourself and your resources (including both the tangible, like your bank account, and the intangible, like your time and energy), you come to understand your interconnectedness with the whole of humanity and uncover potent reserves of strength for due spiritual healing.

GEMINI: Relationships

Your 2019 is primed for partnership. Jupiter sends exciting accomplices your way and supports all sorts of possibilities for happy marriages, and not just in romance; any sort of merging, in business or pleasure, has the planets endorsement. Whether you make a pact with a professional colleague, exchange vows with a life partner, or connect with a creative collaborator, youre likely to find that two heads are better than one this yearperhaps not such a big surprise to a social Gemini whos eternally eager to swap stories and ideas with others. The challenge is to fully commit to the most promising relationships that come your way, since you tend to like to keep all of your options open. Every partner is a mirror for your individual strengths and weak spots, and both the long-lasting and short-lived bonds are sure to be explosive this year whether delightful or challenging, these alliances are especially intended to goad your personal expansion.

CANCER: Health

Plan your New Years resolutions around your highest aspirations for your daily routines. Whether you want to commit to a morning mindfulness practice or volunteer more regularly to a local cause that lifts your spirits, Jupiter ups the ante on your everyday work and wellness, supporting the small but seriously nourishing goals that have seemed out of reach for far too long. How can you best serve your body and soul, as well as the community surrounding you, and find joy in the process? 2019 is the year to find out. As an empathetic, emotionally-driven water sign, youre used to nurturing your friends and loved ones, but practical and tangible forms of self-care might not come so naturally to youso Jupiter offers a chance to lay a foundation to ground you in your physical frame. If youve left health goals simmering on the back burner for years, this may be the optimal time to bring them to the forefront, knowing that the astrological omens are set up to foster your productivityand that more wellbeing makes you better equipped to tend to the rest of your crew.

LEO: Creativity

For Leos, 2019 is made for funand thats fantastic news for your bubbly sign that adores nothing more than self-expression. Jupiter sends extra oomph to the part of your chart thats all about creative play, so theres no better year to reconnect with your inner child by picking up a set of watercolors, doing an open-mic night, or experimenting with other inventive and pleasure-inducing means of expressing yourself. If youre looking to conceive, the cosmos provide a golden opportunity; if not, an imaginative hobby could just as easily become your metaphorical baby, and casual dating could prove equally fun and invigorating. However you approach it, this phase is all about engaging and entertaining yourself and those around you. Just remember that this lighthearted gallivanting has a greater purposethink of all of this playtime as your spiritual homework thats ultimately guiding you towards your mission and the version of yourself most equipped to tackle it.

VIRGO: Home + Family Life

Whether you move to a new apartment or simply rearrange the furniture in the house youve lived in for ages, this year is your best chance to refresh your home base. Jupiter coaxes you to cultivate a sense of joy in the place where youve set your roots, or else shows you the ways youve outgrown your current dwelling and are due for renovation or relocation. And when you do upgrade, think as big as you can within practical bounds. Embrace the opportunity for fresh abundance in your digs where your days start and endfor an astrological sign that values structure and tends towards perfectionistic standards, its especially important that your residence embodies peace and calm, giving you room to breathe. Your co-residents are part of the puzzle, too2019 may be the year you welcome a tiny newcomer to the family or invite a new roommate to sign onto your lease, fostering a new feeling of prosperity within your walls.

LIBRA: Communication

This is the year you find your voice and start to share it more frequently with those around you. Jupiter revitalizes the slice of your chart thats all about mental processing and communication, so it gives your words some extra oomph and encourages you to learn. Whether youre in school now or many years past your last graduation, its a perfect time to sign up for a class that captivates your interests, which are likely colored by your creative, kind, and balanced-oriented spirit. You might try taking a public speaking or creative writing course, joining an improv group, or even launching your own podcast or blog as ways to stoke your confidence with self-expression and spread your ideas with a wider, worldlier crew. Jupiter ensures youre heard, while simultaneously sending new people your way. Do your part by staying social so youre privy to as many spontaneous conversations as possible, and practice prioritizing the crucial truth over easy niceties. Even tough facts are rendered more approachable from your cool-natured perspective, and we need your take on current events this year.

SCORPIO: Money + Worth

Good news for any Scorpio with major monetary goals: In 2019, Jupiter gives a beneficial jolt to the part of your chart correlating with worldly possessions. This means that your bank account is extra likely to receive an added boost, provided youre collaborating with the cosmos by saving intentionally and spending wisely, which requires getting clear on what you value in the first place. Would you rather put your dollars towards iced lattes or the latest BB creams? This planetary transit is intended to expand your worth in every sense of the word, not only contributing to the collection of stuff you own and savor, but also increasing your self-worth by way of clarifying and validating your principles and priorities. If your budget isn't bringing you both a tangible and intangible sense of abundance, nows the time for a shift, and Jupiter shows you the way towards right reprioritization (perhaps providing a little extra cash in the process). As a deeply probing and emotional sign, you probably already understand that money, ultimately, is just the physical embodiment of abstract energyas more flows in, be conscious of how you allocate it to make the most of the bounty.

SAGITTARIUS: Self-Confidence

As Jupiter touches base with your sun sign, youre in for a year of becoming even more of who you already are. Your dynamic wit and charm are set to dazzle more than ever, and your usual cravings for adventure and worldly understanding get an added bump. Honor the fullness of your charismatic personality. Embrace whatever pursuits stoke your sense of self, and youre likely to receive abundance to a ten-fold degree. Be aware, however, that Jupiter's urges for more, more, more can magnify the dark side of your personality just as much as all the good you could take your truth-telling a little too far at the expense of your loved ones feelings, or perhaps traverse into over-indulgent and reckless behavior. For balance, pursue your thrills and personal expansion in healthy, nourishing ways. Devote more time to outdoorsy escapades and cross-cultural community engagement, for example, and youll achieve self-improvement.

CAPRICORN: Mental Health + Soul Work

Jupiter is coursing through the part of your chart that corresponds with the hidden realms of the psyche, urging you to expand your understanding of your inner terrain. This is a prime time to turn an honest eye towards any crippling mental dialogues, take a closer look at old traumas youve resisted unpacking, or intentionally reframe your perspective with more positivity, as the cosmos are here to support your broadened awareness and cognition. Think bigger, and work consciously to outgrow whatever guilt, doubt, and shame have been keeping you small from the inside-out. As an ambitious Capricorn, you may feel more at home in the public world than the private one, and more comfortable trekking towards concrete goals than tackling emotional labor. But the more you unravel those unconscious knots of fear and lack mentality, the more psychic space you'll have to grow. This sort of self-analysis is never easy, but Jupiters on your side, and besides, your sign loves a challenge. A spiritual practice like meditation, tarot, or even astrology might offer beneficial tools along the way, as might a supportive therapist, dream interpreter, or other healer.

AQUARIUS: Activism + Social Connections

As an Aquarius, youre all about the communal causes and the betterment of society at large, and Jupiter is here to fortify your progressive aspirations this year. Well need more activists than ever in 2019, and this astrological cycle aligns you with fellow forward-thinkers who will join your persistent march towards change. The first step is to get clear on your long-term goals for both yourself and the broader world around youand you should sense some revitalized motivation around those aspirations. Then, seek out opportunities to assemble with those who both bolster and expand your perspective. Attend community meetings or launch your own clubs and organizations, and RSVP yes to social engagements as often as possible. You need kindred spirits and allies with as much optimism as yourself, so be sure to carefully choose the crew thats moving in the same direction you are. Meet as many people as you can, but merge only with the ones who help you grow and value your insights in return.

PISCES: Career + Leadership

Whether you spend your days parenting from home, pursuing a non-traditional career path, or climbing a corporate ladder, this year gives you a spot in the limelight. Jupiter is focused on the part of your chart that pertains to your public image, offering a potent moment for you to step into a larger leadership role. Professional opportunities for upward mobility may appear daunting at first, particularly for a dreamy and sensitive Pisces who might not typically prefer to charge towards positions of prominence. Still, massive advancement is the whole point the astrological powers-that-be are pushing you to grow into your own power, and theyre primed to amplify your influence in any space where you command authority. Nows the time to run for a community leadership spot, campaign for a promotion at work, or expand your freelance clientele, and you can and should do so. Your job is to nurture a formidable faith in your own capabilities and to welcome recognition as you pursue whatever metrics of success align with your values and mission, knowing that the world needs your creative and intuitive twist on leadership this year.