• April 2014: Editor’s Letter

    April 2014: Editor’s Letter

    A gloomy forecast is a welcome excuse to cancel plans, put on cozy sweats, and spend some quality time on the couch—and I know I can't be the only one who secretly loves this, right? Come drizzle or downpour, explore some of my bright ideas for rainy day entertainment.

  • March 2014: Editor’s Letter

    March 2014: Editor’s Letter

    Now is the time to maximize: beauty hacks, easy DIY upgrades, and crafty ways to improve your Birchbox experience.

  • How to Spa Like a Travel Editor

    How to Spa Like a Travel Editor

    There’s plenty they don’t tell you when you book a treatment. Here’s how to make the most of your ahhh-time.

  • February 2014: Editor’s Letter

    February 2014: Editor’s Letter

    All month, we’ll be bringing you celebrity beauty secrets and red carpet intel from *Us Weekly*.

  • 20 Things to Try in 2014: The Birchbox Go List

    20 Things to Try in 2014: The Birchbox Go List

    Inspired by our January theme, Go Time, the Birchbox editors cooked up this list of little ways to make life better this year.

  • January 2014: Editor’s Letter

    January 2014: Editor’s Letter

    A new year means fresh motivation to take on all those things you’ve been meaning to do—big and small.

  • December 2013: Editor’s Letter

    December 2013: Editor’s Letter

    The minute the clock strikes December 1, we shift into full-on holiday mode. Tinsel, carols, gingerbread—you name it, we’re overdosing on it. Read on for a month's worth of cheer!

  • Site Check: Atelier Cologne’s New Brooklyn Boutique

    Site Check: Atelier Cologne’s New Brooklyn Boutique

    We pay a visit to the brand's new Brooklyn outpost.

  • November 2013: Editor’s Letter

    November 2013: Editor’s Letter

    What is November about if not more of the good stuff? That means giving back and giving to others, but also giving in to indulgences like delightfully sparkly products and holiday treats (my perennial favorite: ginger molasses cookies).

  • October 2013: Editor’s Letter

    October 2013: Editor’s Letter

    Between the crisp air and the parade of holidays on the horizon, we’ve got a newfound skip in our step—and we’ve channeled that excitement into bringing you samples that are buzzy in all different ways.

  • September 2013: Editor’s Letter

    September 2013: Editor’s Letter

    It’s no coincidence that we chose this, our anniversary month, to talk about heritage.

  • August 2013: Editor’s Letter

    August 2013: Editor’s Letter

    What does Finishing School have to do with beauty? Glad you asked.

  • Face Oils 101

    Face Oils 101

    Now that you’ve mastered moisturizing, it’s time to move on to the more potent stuff. Meet face oils.

  • July 2013: Editor’s Letter

    July 2013: Editor’s Letter

    This month’s theme—Power Play—is our way of maximizing every minute of summer (even those spent at our desks).

  • Birchbox Crush: Elizabeth Stein

    Birchbox Crush: Elizabeth Stein

    Granola guru Elizabeth Stein shares her 90/10 rule, power ingredient lineup, and daily happiness rituals.

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