All May 2011: Mom Knows Best Stories

  • Skincare Matchmaker: Skin Types

    Skincare Matchmaker: Skin Types

    Designing your own skincare routine can be an adventure fraught with challenges and mindboggling choices. Don’t fear — we’re here to give you everything you need to find right products for your skin.

  • How To: Hot Rollers

    How To: Hot Rollers

    Hot rollers have made a comeback. Stylist Anna Schneider shows us how to get soft, classic waves-- it's easier than you think!

  • Beauty No-Nos

    Beauty No-Nos

    Mom knows best—except when it comes to these old school beauty practices. Here’s a list of ones to skip.

  • Liz Lange: Beauty in Action

    Liz Lange: Beauty in Action

    The maternity wear mogul shares her daily beauty routine and her best time-saving tips

  • Three-Step Eye Shadow Contouring

    Three-Step Eye Shadow Contouring

    Give your eyes major definition with this foolproof technique

  • Best Anti-Aging Products For Every Age

    Best Anti-Aging Products For Every Age

    We love our laugh lines, and believe that you can to look amazing at any age — witness the gorgeous Helen Mirren. But you can keep skin healthy and youthful by strategically incorporating anti-aging products into your regimen. Here, the best bets for every age.

  • Test Drive: Hair Treatments

    Test Drive: Hair Treatments

    Your hair needs more than just rinse-out shampoo and conditioner. Find out why treatment should be a regular part of your regimen

  • How To: Eye Contouring

    How To: Eye Contouring

    Stila makeup artist Jason Araujo shows Birchbox's Meredith Stebbins an easy three-step way to contour eyes.

  • Beauty Expert Jenn Falik’s Essentials

    Beauty Expert Jenn Falik’s Essentials

    Style expert Jenn Falik (and MSN's Beauty BFF) shares her summer must-haves with Birchbox's Mollie Chen, including some lifesaving products for new moms!

  • Do Lip Plumpers Really Work?

    Do Lip Plumpers Really Work?

    We looked into what makes these pout boosters perform and narrowed down our top five favorites.

  • Birchbox Crush: Judy Aldridge

    Birchbox Crush: Judy Aldridge

    She launched Sea of Shoes with her daughter, Jane, and has become a blogging sensation in her own right.

  • Miss Glamorazzi Visits Birchbox HQ

    Miss Glamorazzi Visits Birchbox HQ

    Our favorite beauty guru Ingrid, aka Miss Glamorazzi, was in NYC a few weeks ago and stopped by Birchbox HQ to check out our sample closet and get hair feathered!

  • Timing: Beauty Quick Fix

    Timing: Beauty Quick Fix

    It’s hard enough finding the right products, without the added frustration of not knowing when to use them, and in which order. Luckily we’ve got answers from makeup artist Nam Vo for a few of the most vexing questions.

  • Back in the Day Beauty

    Back in the Day Beauty

    Beauty techniques that prove what's old is still good

  • Hand Me Downs

    Hand Me Downs

    Our favorite entrepreneurs tell us what they’ve learned from their moms

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