Sometimes I thank my lucky stars that I live in the year 2013, a time of multitasking beauty products like BB creams, sun-protecting moisturizers, and even shampoo that doubles as body wash. They truly save a time-crunched girl like myself from having to work so hard.

This week, a video hosted by actress Constance Bennett (who starred in the original 1934 Moulin Rouge) resurfaced to give me a healthy reminder that the days of the 10-step beauty routine lives happily in the past—the 1930s, to be exact. Dressed in a silky bathrobe, Bennett walks viewers through her multistep process, which begins rather sensibly with cleansing cream and ends with lipstick. But throw in her stimulant cream, complexion mask, and glow base—not to mention a full-on dip in the tub—and you have quite the marathon of a morning.

Take a peek at the video and let us know in the comments: How many steps is your morning beauty routine?

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