Little known fact: you’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes after every use. We know it’s easy to put off cleaning your brushes, but using clean brushes will keep your makeup application fresh (and prevent the spread of nasty bacteria). The good news is, cleaning your makeup brushes is simple and quick! Whether it’s a daily spot clean or a weekly deep clean, you’ll never have to ruin another look with a surprise dirty brush again.

You can use a spray, like JAPONESQUE’s Makeup Brush Cleanser Spray, if you’re going for a quick cleaning. If you’re doing a weekly deep clean of your brushes, a thicker, liquid cleanser works wonders. We’re using the beautyblender® blendercleanser, but you could also use a mild shampoo or hand cleanser in a pinch.

This video is part of our Beauty Essentials series, where we provide the building blocks of beauty routines from basic to advanced. With our step-by-step tutorials, you'll learn the skills you need to master the looks you want.

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