You’ve mastered the French braid and aced the fishtail—now find out how to create the waterfall braid (so you can truly call yourself a braid maven).

How to do a Waterfall Braid:

1. Prep hair with a cream to add shine and prevent it from slipping through your fingers.
2. Separate the hair into three sections, similar to a french braid.
3. Drop the top section of hair after crossing it over the opposite section, and pick up a new piece of hair from the bottom. (The bottom section will become your braid, while the dropped top sections will become the "waterfall.")
4. Work from the front of your head toward the back, keeping your sections as even as possible.
5. Finish the braid by securing with a bobby pin or creating a traditional three-strand braid.
6. Apply a hair oil for shine and finish.

Think this style is just for long-haired ladies? Think again. Watch our tutorial on how to do a waterfall braid on short hair.

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