After searching the interwebs for easy-to-follow Asian eye makeup tutorials (which were a little hard to find), Editor Candice decided that she needed to share an easy, monolid-friendly look that she wears for all her big nights out.

What You Need

Eye Shadow Primer
Eye Shadow Palate (with a range of shades)
Powder Shadow Brush
Waterproof liner (liquid or pencil works!)
Lash Curler

Prep your eyelids

Make sure your look lasts past lunchtime with eyelid primer, which will make pigments pop and set them throughout the day. Take a small drop and spread over eyelids with your finger.

Choose Your Base Color

Start with a medium-toned color and dust in a circular motion over the entire lid. This is the main color that will come through after layering your other shades, so try a bright purple or a deep gold to mix things up from the traditional pale pink. These colors also provide more definition to your eye, so get creative!

Blend the Outer Lid

Use a darker color on the outer corners like a charcoal or espresso to really make this part of the eye pop. For more pigment, use a dark plum in place of the neutral. Blend from the outer corner in until you hit the center of your lid.

Highlight in a New Place

In most beauty tutorials, eye highlighter will be placed in the crease or tear duct areas. When applying highlighter on Asian eyes, aim for the center of the lid. This will create dimensionality between the other colors on your lid. Solid gold will do the trick.

Lay Down the Line

For monolids, there’s no such thing as too much liner. Draw one line right at the lash line and then repeat over the top of the lashes to add thickness.


Don’t forget about the lashes! Use your eyelash curler to give your lashes shape and some natural curl for the mascara to grip on to. Then, depending on your desired lash effect, brush on one to two coats of jet-black mascara.

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