Whether you're using Eyeko's easy-to-wield version or your favorite liquid formula, we've got foolproof tips to help you get a natural, everyday eye look. Watch this video to pick up some easy tips and tricks for getting a perfect smooth line, and never fear liquid liner again!

What You'll Need

Eyeko’s Fat Liquid Eyeliner (or similar)
Makeup Remover
Cotton Swabs


1. Tip your head slightly back and look down into your mirror.
2. Place your elbow securely on a table or flat surface, then rest your hand on your face (a steady hand equals a smooth line).
3. If you need to, use your other hand to gently pull your eye taut—but avoid tugging!
4. Start your line wherever you feel comfortable—the midpoint and inner corner are both popular options—and place the liner tip as close to your lash line as possible.
5. Use small strokes to draw dashes along the lash line. Applying slightly more pressure will draw a thicker line.
6. Dab the liner to fill in any gaps.
7. Your liner should start thin in the inner corner, and get thicker toward the outer corners.
8. Dip a cotton swab in makeup remover and gently drag along the top of the line to remove any bumps.
And you're finished!

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