We’ve long been fans of the crown braid—it’s just the right amount of royalty chic without being over-the-top girly. In this hair tutorial, Birchbox editor Meredith shows us step-by-step tips for getting the style yourself—no professional stylist required!

How to Crown Braid:

1. Add texture with sea salt spray.
2. Part hair to the side, then begin to create a dutch french braid on the side of your part with the most hair, staying close to your hairline.
3. Continue all the way around.
4. Finish by braiding the remaining ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.
5. Arrange the end of the braid on top of your head, then secure with pins.
6. Loosen the braid for a less precise style.
7. Finish with a sparkly hair accessory.

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