Having a full closet doesn’t guarantee having a full wardrobe. With a little strategy, you can assemble a whole portfolio of looks with just a few items. Build your wardrobe around these 15 menswear essentials, and you should be set for any occasion—be it casual, business, or somewhere in between.

The 15 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials:


1. Dark denim
2. Khakis
3. Gray wool trousers


4. Gray t-shirt
5. Crewneck sweater
6. White t-shirt
7. White button-down
8. Light blue button-up
9. Gray wool sweater


10. Black desert boots
11. White sneakers
12. Brown brogues


13. Denim jacket
14. Navy blazer
15. Wool tie

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Filmed in the Bonobos SoHo Guide Shop.

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