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Hitting the gym? Try LSTN Bowery Earbuds for the same comfort and sound quality with a more workout-friendly design.

LSTN Fillmore Headphones

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Wood cup: measures "3L x "3W, Cable: length 1.2m

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Birchbox Breakdown

Honestly, we’ll accept any excuse to dance, and these throwback headphones offer us several. First up is the sound quality: Crank up the bass and you’ll soon get the urge to install shocks in your sneakers. Next is the design, incorporating reclaimed wood and plush earcups for maximum comfort. And best of all, for every unit sold, LSTN will donate money to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which distributes hearing aids in developing nations.

How to Use

Handcrafted from reclaimed wood, these headphones pair vintage good looks with studio-quality sound. An in-line remote and microphone allow for easy sound control and communication, should your headphones be plugged into your phone. A padded headband and earcups ensure comfort in the long run.

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Most Helpful Customer Review

An excellent gift!

I purchased these in Ebony. My boyfriend was looking for a good pair and headphones and we found them in this product! He listens to a lot of sludge, metal, droney kinda stuff as well as punk pop and other styles of music. These were perfect for the tone he was looking for! We're both extremely happy with these headphones.

I will note, I thought they would be a bit bigger. The picture looks like they'd be large on the ears about they're much smaller.

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