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Archival Clothing Dopp Kit - Red Archival Clothing Dopp Kit - Brown Archival Clothing Dopp Kit - Navy

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If you’re traveling with your new dopp kit, use Kiehl’s Eye Alert to fight the signs of jet lag.

Birchbox Breakdown

The Dopp kit, invented by Charles Doppelt in 1919, is an enduring classic for a reason—no guy can survive without one. Archival Clothing’s waxed canvas model (ideal for damp countertops) is just the right size for your travel essentials.

How it Works

With a zipper that opens wider than a foot, it’s easy to spread out your grooming goods when you arrive and then stuff them in quickly when you’re rushing to the airport. A handle allows you to hang the bag on a doorknob.

How to Use

Toss your toiletries into the kit and get moving. This kit is also useful for keeping things tidy and out of sight when you’re at home.

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