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Got enough wood grain in your bedroom already? Add some color to your night stand with the same model in green.

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How about infusing a little wit and warmth to your morning grind? This alarm dock wakes up iPhone users in sleek, retro style. Made from smooth beech wood, the sleek design melds slim technology with a timeless ideal from nightstands past. Trust us, even if it feels like just another morning in “Groundhog Day,” this is one clock you’ll never want to smash.

How it Works

Sustainably harvested beech wood is carved into an iPhone dock that recalls the box-type alarm clocks of yesteryear. Download Areaware’s app to your iPhone or iPod for a simple, easy to read clock face. An interior slot makes it easy to connect to an electric outlet.

How to Use

Pull the wiring of your iPhone charger through the dock connector slot. Run the flip-type clock app on your iPhone or iPod and insert it into the allotted compartment. Set your alarm and hit the sack.

Sustainably Harvested New Growth Beech Wood

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Beautiful product

I really enjoy this dock. I totally get the comments here and elsewhere that the cords don't fit. If you use the cords that come with the iPhone 4 and 4s, it works just fine. But you absolutely can't use another brand of cord, an earlier iPhone/iPod cord, etc. without destroying the dock.

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Hard to make cords fit

I really, really, really want to write a glowing review. This thing is stylish, and it works great with the alarm clock feature on my iPhone. But to make the cords fit in and -- when you need to -- be removed from the dock is extremely hard. I've even considered trying to sand down some of the areas so the cords can be slipped through more easily.

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