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Areaware Prism Corkscrew - Black Areaware Prism Corkscrew - Natural

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Beer aficionados would do well to have Areaware’s Sphere Bottle Opener at hand.


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  • 6.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Wine critics and oenophiles apply plenty of unlikely adjectives—tricky, bodacious, Crisco-y—to the world’s oldest festive beverage. But this cunning corkscrew is guaranteed to get the conversation started before you’ve even opened the bottle.

How it Works

A magnetic seal conceals this ingeniously contrived stainless steel corkscrew within what appears to be an ordinary octagonal block of wood.

How to Use

Twist and pull apart, then aim the corkscrew’s tip into the cork, and twist clockwise. When the threads of the screw have disappeared into the cork, tug the handle until the cork pops out. Salut!

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