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Glycerin is a natural soap-making byproduct that is typically isolated for other uses. However, Maak Lab leaves it in for maximum moisture—a helpful boost for soothing blends like their honey-infused Wax Bar.

Maak Lab

Birchbox Breakdown

Cleansing is the first step in any grooming routine, so get off on the right foot with this rich, hydrating bar soap. Its all-natural blend uses only the finest botanicals, sourced from the blossoming woods of the Pacific Northwest. With soulful notes of lavender sprigs and red rose blossom, a rose (by any name) has never smelled so good.

How it Works

Olive and coconut oils cleanse and condition, while dried rose blossoms exfoliate skin for a silky-smooth finish. Essential oils of lavender and patchouli add to the earthy aroma, enhanced by cold-process production and a full month of curing.

How to Use

This moisture-rich soap is equally suited for hands and body alike: Just scrub up and enjoy. To experience the full fragrance, use within 12 months of its packaging date.

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Rose Hips, Essential Oils Of Lavandin & Patchouli

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amazing soap!

Normally...well, soap is soap, however this product made me think twice. The smell was manly and woodsy, nothing out of order or any artificial "natural" elements. It accompanied my natural solid cologne scent perfectly.

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MAAK Makes Mellifluous Skin

This gorgeously perfumed soap bar rests upon your skin and dwells in your body long lasting after your shower and consecutively permeates throughout your house and wherever you go, unlike a majority of store bought soap bars. The soap, from my personal experience, has a vigorous exfoliation but it is not harsh, it's actually quite subtle.The organic rose hips exfoliate and it can be honestly rough but never harmful and irritating- the bar actually removes dead skin cells so new ones can surface and with the natural oils that are infused into the lovely bar, creates a mellifluous presentation of your skin. No soap bar that I have ever owned and used can be compared to the fragrance and essential durability of this soap bar. The simplicity of MAAK's Lab Rose Bar is astonishing and beautiful.

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