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Mt. Sapola Gift Set - Ginger Lemongrass Mt. Sapola Gift Set - Oriental Wood

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If a single aroma sounds too predictable, change things up with lemongrass-scented versions of the Body Wash and Body Lotion.

Mt. Sapola

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Birchbox Breakdown

Today’s grooming logic: If you’re going to use a range of scented products, why not commit to a single fragrance? This curated kit contains a trio of shower scrub, bar soap, and lotion, all infused with the calming aroma of oriental wood. On top of cleansing and toning, each is packed with essential oils that soothe and moisturizing skin, ensuring that your body feels just as good as it smells.

How it Works

With three body-focused products, this kit can easily be introduced into your daily grooming routine. The Shower Scrub makes quick work of oil and grit, while the deep-cleansing Soap harnesses coconut and rice bran oil to refresh skin as it sloughs away dead cells. The Body Lotion uses a blend of jojoba seed, olive, and other essential oils for maximum hydration, while augmenting the scent of the two cleansers to leave you smelling fresh well into the evening.

How to Use

When showering, squeeze a dollop of scrub into your hands (or better yet, a washcloth), and massage into a lather. After this first stage is complete, rinse and repeat with the bar soap. Once you’re clean and dry, rub a generous portion of lotion into your skin, focusing on elbows, knees, and other dry patches.

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I must say I'm very impressed for the quality of this item, my boyfriend uses it all the time and I could not be happier thank you birchbox

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Mt. Sapola Spa Set

These products works so well together of course. I really like the feel and fragrance of the products. Very refreshing in the morning to get going. Great wake up!

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