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Pick up the Core Bamboo Mixology Board to help you on the cocktail-making front.

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Everybody needs an extra set of hands now and then. While Core Bamboo’s Crushed Salad Hands can’t scratch your back or aid with any heavy lifting, they’re clutch for tossing and serving slippery salads. Made from sustainable crushed bamboo, they have simple but stylish ergonomic design. You’ll find yourself using them even when you have plenty of sous chefs around.

How it Works

Made from 100 percent organically grown bamboo, these handy servers are light but durable. Each measures 7” by 4” and fits nicely into the palm of your hand.

How to Use

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or planning a party of one, just palm, toss and serve.

top quality organically grown bamboo

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Sometimes You Need a Hand (or 2)

I really like the look of these. They are very functional and everyone asks where I got them. They do their salad-serving job well.

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Best Product on Birchbox

Hands down one of the most solid products on BB. Actually picked these up for my wife, perfect price point, cool design and shape, and amazing company. I highly recommend Core and am going to purchase more of their products.

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