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Calm your ‘do as well as your décor with the anti-frizz Davines Love Smoothing Kit.

Birchbox Breakdown

It’s the small touches that make a big difference—like this pair of dainty candles, which can instantly transform any room into the perfect setting for a mood-lit tête-à-tête or a relaxing cup of tea. Even better, their warm glow is accompanied by two soothing scents: Lily of the Valley and Calabrian mandarin.

How it Works

Get this candle duo for free when you spend $50+ on Davines product(s) in the Birchbox Shop. Just use code DAVINESGIFT at checkout. Limit one per cart. Cannot be combined with other offers. In order to return any item in your order, you must also return the candles.

How to Use

Set candle away from flammable materials, light, and enjoy.

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Wonderful, but so small!

These little candles are divine! They have a lovely floral/botanical scent. My only peeve is the size. I rarely light them because they're so tiny and I want to make them last. I think the scent is great in the bathroom!

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I may have been expecting too much from these candles. They burned down really quickly, and didn't have much scent throw to them. I thought in a tiny area like my bathroom it would be stronger, but was not.

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Amazing Product!!!

I received the Love Shampoo and Conditioner in my box last month and I absolutely loved it. It really cleaned out my hair and smelled fresh, feminine, and clean. My hair was actually soft and manageable. I was a little bummed because the conditioner sample was in a packet and it was quite small. I barely got enough of it to do half of my hair (my hair is long). I liked it so much that I kept flattening out the packet to get as much product as I could (that is how much I loved it). It did not weigh my hair down and I noticed my hair was much easier to style than with other products I have used. It made it shiny and healthy looking.

I am very picky about hair products. And so far my preferred type is organic (because of the harmful chemicals some companies use). So I read labels to ensure the products I use are safe even when they are not organic.
So far everything I have gotten from birch box has been safe!!! Sadly, I have never really found an organic product that feels as good as this product on my hair!!!
I love natural, vegan, earth friendly and organic products; but with this set I can seriously break the rules. I am purchasing both shampoo and conditioner.

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