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For an extra even tan, exfoliate skin thoroughly with a product like Dr. Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta® Peel. This will help the Glow Pad formula penetrate the skin, and ensure streak-free color.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ Alpha Beta® Glow Pad

20 applications

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Birchbox Breakdown

It’s fine to want a tan; it’s not fine to lay out in the sun without SPF. The solution: Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta® Glow Pads, which give you even, natural-looking color minus the skin damage. Each single-use towelette has customized sunless tanning ingredients, exfoliators, and anti-aging complexes. Plus they’re totally odorless, so you won’t be left smelling like a bottle of Banana Boat.

How to Use

You’ll want to use this product on your face, neck, and chest. Apply to dry, clean skin using small circular motions to avoid missing any areas. For light color, perform one circular rotation, for medium color, do two to three circular rotations, and for dark color, repeat circular rotations until the pad is completely dry. Wash hands immediately after use, or use gloves while applying.

Vitamin D   Topical Supplement gives sun kissed glow without sun; makes other vitamins work better
Glycolic Acid   Reduces visible signs of aging
Lactic Acid   A naturally-occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid that helps speed up cell renewal
Willow Bark Extract   Clears pores & also exfoliates; natural alternative to Salicylic Acid
Soy Protein   Kick-starts collagen production and ensures a more natural hue for rich, long-lasting color
Encapsulated DHA   Provides time-released color
Vitamins A, C, E   Potent antioxidants that prevent collagen breakdown
Vitamin B   Helps reduce pore size and provides wound healing
Phospholipids   Natural substance that draws moisture from the air & seals it into the skin
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

like these a lot

these are pretty great. I had tried Tarte's version of tanning pads and wanted to buy those with my birchbox points but birchbox didn't have those so I looked for something similar....I found these.... tried them. I like them a lot... I am very fair so I used once in the winter and once was all I needed for about a week.... and in the summer I use one pad about every 2-3 days. I highly recommend just doing one swipe around your face, neck, behind ears, back of neck, and chest (and a good thing about this pad is there is enough 'juice' on it to get all of those areas)..... If you're not fair you could probably use it more often....
i'm not too sure about the 'exfoliators and anti aging' parts but they seem to make my skin glow and tan.... so I look pretty radiant after using...
and they are odorless so you don't get that weird tanner smell...

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A must

These are amazing. No matter how hard I try (in a safe way) I have come to terms that I will never be naturally tan. Come the winter months I am practically albino, but with these cloths I can use them any time of the year and they make me just the right amount tanner, with a great glow. Never any streaks and lasts for about a week with daily toners and face washes.

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Best face self tAnner out there

Love this product!! Gives an amazing glow within an hour or two and leaves my skin breakout free!

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Nice glow

The towelette makes it easy to apply, just make sure to spread it evenly. Gives a very nice glow and lasted me about 4-5 days.

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Loved at first, but something went wrong...

Loved the idea of these and the color does develop kind of fast, but eventually they started giving me an orange-ish color instead of a more tan tone. They also do develop a slight "self tanner" type smell to them once it starts working on your skin. Not sure if I just got an old box and/or they expired?

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