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Ready to get the benefits of taking a multivitamin everyday? Pick up drinkwel’s 90-Capsule bottle.

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Thankfully, you’re not a teenager anymore—but that also means your body doesn’t bounce back like it used to. Be prepared for your next big night out with this essential kit: It comes equipped with two packets of nutrient-rich multivitamins, a guide to healthy cocktails and drinking tips, mints to keep your breath fresh, and an electrolyte mix for energizing your morning-after.

How it Works

drinkwel’s multivitamins contain a blend of 30 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids specially designed to help your body break down alcohol. An accompanying guide provides a handful of recipes for delicious and health-conscious cocktails. Electrolytes give you a turbo boost on the road to recovery, while a stash of super strong mints get your breath ready to greet the day.

How to Use

Prior to imbibing, take your first packet of vitamins with plenty of water. At the end of the night, take the second packet before going to bed. Pair the electrolyte mix with a healthy breakfast.

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Passed the test

I used this the on the night of a bachelor party with a bunch of college friends and I woke up in the morning feeling fine, which isn't usually the case. As long as you can remember to follow the directions at the end of your night, you should have no problem.

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Fun gift

I purchased this for a gift and it was well received. I love the fact that it's actually a practical, useable kit, unlike some novelty kits that are pointless. Will likely order to give again.

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Love this Brand

The ultimate weekend addition to my Dopp Kit. Whether it's a night out with old friends or looking for trouble kind of night- its perfect. Really does work, awesome package, and great drink ideas included.

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Not for me

i know this fad of after-the-party vitamins has taken off but it's not for me. I may be of the old school but i prefer my medicine from a tried and true brand and not marketed as something to take after you've been out too late. call me stodgy, but there it is.

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Effective but over packaged and priced

I tested the drinkwel kit in the most ideal settings. I followed it's instructions on when to take and even stuck to the drinks it suggested would cause less of a hangover. After a night of heavy drinking I only felt a little tired, instead of the super hangover I would have had after a night like that. The only problem I have with the kit is the small dosage and excessive packaging for a quick one-time use.

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