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For a natural, daily cleanser powered by the Australian bush, upgrade your dopp kit with eshu Face Wash.


Birchbox Breakdown

While some brands use a lab to concoct their ingredients, eshu maintains that the outback does it better. This cleanser forgoes gritty beads in favor of Australian walnut shell, which erases dead skin and oily buildup without the irritation of a chemical scrub. Wild extracts like eucalyptus reward your face with a cooling tingle and a light, refreshing scent.

How it Works

Australian walnut shell, ground to a powder, sloughs away grime and dead skin without damaging new cells. A wildcrafted blend of eucalyptus, citrus, and mint enhances the soothing sensation, calming skin with an invigorating scent that will kick-start your morning routine.

How to Use

Apply a small dab to the tip of each finger, then gently massage into damp skin before rinsing. Use once per week, and remember: You’re washing your face, not sanding a table, so don’t overdo it.

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