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Beard Buddy

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As a bearded gentleman, you live life a bit differently: You cut your meat with a Bowie knife, and wear flannel all year round, so why wash your face with an everyman’s scrub? This beard wash keeps your scruff in form with a blend of organic ingredients, handpicked by a team of bearded experts. Better yet, its gentle formula is designed to cleanse your skin as well, leaving more time for your other morning activities (like chopping the day’s firewood).

How it Works

This handcrafted gel is specially formulated to cleanse and condition your beard, along with the sensitive skin beneath. Its cleansing power comes from vegetable glycerin—no sulfates allowed—while aloe and essential oils keep hair and skin from growing dry, scratchy, and course.

How to Use

Massage a quarter-sized dollop into your face and beard. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat if desired.

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Day drinking?

I think this cleans my beard well, but the alcohol smell can be pretty potent before breakfast, and my beard dandruff is just as bad as it was before I bought this.

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Great Product!

I was so excited to try this product out and am so glad that I did. Not only does it keep my skin clean and healthy under my beard my beard looks, smells, and feels better after each wash. Be sure to read the label and not get it in or anywhere near your eyes, this stuff burns. Very happy with this product and if you have a thick full beard this stuff is the way to go.

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I loved this smell it was very manly, almost smelled like a alcoholic cocktail of some sort...woodsy like whiskey. I would have preferred if it had a little more "suds" to it when using, but then again it is sulfate free so i understand why it isn't overly sudsy. I would recommended anyone buy for the grooming of their beard!

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