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If you’re rocking a beard a la Jeremiah Johnson, consider Beardbrand’s Large Comb.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Unless you’re sporting a ‘stache that’s more fuzz than fur, you’ll need a precision tool to keep your whiskers in line. Luckily, there’s a comb for that. Beardbrand has partnered with the grooming gurus at Kent to bring you this handcrafted wonder. Its miniature sawcut teeth will slide through even the fullest lip foliage, whether you’re rocking a classic handlebar, or a full-on Groucho Marx.

How to Use

After showering, but before applying wax, run this comb through your ‘stache to keep your strands on the straight and narrow.

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Surprisingly nice

Upon first glance, I was surprised by the size. But once I used it, I realized how nice it really is. There's definitely some high quality in this small package. It fits nicely into the little pocket on my jeans and I can use it throughout the day. It doesn't poke or scrape my skin, and I've even used it (slowly and gently) in my beard. It's oddly soothing!

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Not what I recieved

I ordered this comb but got another comb that was completely wrong. If they can't get a simple order correct, I don't want to do business with them.

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Remember, this is a mustache comb not a beard comb!

This is a Beardbrand (for cool points!) branded Kent 81 T mustache comb.

The Kent company is an old and respected brand from England and is both high quality and classy. The combs are sawcut and finished very well with no seams or other rough spots. They are very gentle on your hairs and underlying skin.

The tines on this little comb are very tight, too tight to use on a beard but perfection for use on a mustache (even a large one like mine). The shape of the handle is supposed to be useful in achieving the perfect shape and curl, but I have yet to discover exactly HOW that particular part of the little comb is used in that way.

This pairs very well with a pocket comb and a tin of mustache wax for on the go grooming and everyday pocket carry.

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I've had this comb for a while now, and while it works perfectly on the mustache, it's a little bit small for the beard when it gets longer. The only thing I'd change on this is putting a small loophole in the handle for a little lanyard. Though, it's pretty small so it fits easily in the pocket and even wallet. I have a couple that I keep around in different spots!

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Unreasonably priced

Perhaps not the right place for this, but this comb is just a rebranding of the classic Kent mustache comb, which cost $6. I'm not sure what the extra $18 they're charging gets you.. the word 'beard'?

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