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If you’re still fond of writing on paper (and who isn’t?) pick up the LUNATIK Polymer Touch Pen, a combination ink pen and digital stylus.


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Birchbox Breakdown

When it comes to simple handheld tools, slimmer doesn’t always mean better. This husky silicone stylus is ideal tool for kids, artists, and wide-eyed adults with a penchant for doodling. It’s easy to hold, but hard to lose, and rocks a range of brilliant colors that speak just as loud as its sketches.

How it Works

LUNATIK pairs soft-touch, high-grade silicone with a pleasing ergonomic shape, crafting the perfect creative stylus for amateurs and artists alike. Its capacitive tip works on any touchscreen device, from Note Tabs to Nooks, so don’t be afraid to carry it across platforms.

How to Use

Use this conductive companion to enhance your touchscreen experience, whether you’re writing, playing, or painting. It’s perfect for classic tablet apps like Draw Something and iWriteWords, or for adding some flair to your SnapChat selfie.

High-grade Silicone Rubber, Capacitive tip

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Not big on a stylus!

But this one I love! It's big enough that it's comfortable & doesn't get lost in my bag! Really helps with the pain in my thumb from texting & emailing all day. A reluctant buy but worth it it many ways

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easy to write with

The size makes it easy to find in my bag, and I like how the end tip is a little more firm than most so that it feels more like writing with a pen, rather than having the stylus bouncing up and down because the tip is too smushy.

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