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TRNDlabs Beam 2500 Battery Charger

$19.00 Ships Free

Availability: Out of stock


Birchbox Breakdown

Form and function collide in this powerful, portable battery pack. Designed with an ultraslim body that fits effortlessly in your pocket, it comes complete with a built-in micro-USB charging cable (and Lightning port adapter) so you can keep your devices fully fueled—no cables, outlets, or extra pockets needed.

How to Use

First, charge the battery pack to full capacity with the included tangle-free cable. Then slip it into your pocket or bag until it’s needed. When a device needs charging, pop out the built-in micro-USB cable (and attach the Lightning adapter for Apple products) and plug it in to provide a boost of power.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Amazing charger! Thin and fast charging

This charger is AMAZING! There is a spot for the iOS adapter built in to the charger so you don't need to worry about loosing it like dongles. It is sooo thin and is very light. I absolutely LOVE this!

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Attention iPhone Users

Before I review the product performance I noticed some reviews about the Beam mentioned that the lightning adapter for iPhone was missing. I had thought the same thing but discovered it was cleverly hidden within the device. When you pull out the charger end you will see, underneath the cord, what appears to be a micro usb port. However, if you plug the end of the charger into it and then pull up, out comes the lighting adapter and you're ready to charge your iPhone. I also noticed the location is revealed in the user guide provided. I know its hard for us guys to sometimes think that we know how everything works, especially when it comes to technology, but maybe taking the time to look at a user guide every once in a while would be helpful.
Now about the product itself and the performance. I really like the thin design, makes carrying it around easier than some of the thick heavy stick battery options I've used in the past. The design of the cord leaves a bit to be desired, It's kind of hard to pull out sometimes, but I do appreciate the commitment to making this device as compact as possible. It would be nice if it were a bit longer so i don't have to hold the battery whilst trying to use my phone. The charge time is a bit long, so I suggest just doing it overnight and in the morning it will be ready to go. If you're looking for an inexpensive battery pack that is light and convenient to carry i think this is a great option.

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works great

for those angry that it didn't come with a lightning adapter, it's actually hidden in a small slot inside the charger, underneath the rubber strap. definitely a cool feature, as it is very small and less likely to be lost by being stored inside the battery pack. the pack itself charges my phone very quickly, and while the charge time for the pack is a little long, it's still a very good gadget.

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meh, just okay

This is just a run of the mill portable charger, not really offering anything more than one you could get for $3 on amazon.

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Missing pieces = completely useless

I am assuming that the adapter it is pictured with allows you to use it with an iOS device... It would be helpful if that piece came with because without it I don't have anything this can even plug into. My extent of being able to try this only got as far as opening the box and hoping everything you needed was there. So disappointing!!!

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