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Need the perfect gift for a mountain man? Give his scruff the all-natural treatment with Herbivore Botanicals Beard Tonic.

Herbivore Botanicals

Birchbox Breakdown

Your car’s engine isn’t the only thing that needs oil: With all it endures on a daily basis, your hair can use some lubrication of its own. Keep your strands revved up and protected from the elements with a small amount of this all-natural oil. The handcrafted formula lends strength and shine with a blend of botanical oils, and gives a citrusy, floral scent at the same time.

How it Works

Each oil in this handcrafted formula has a special role to play. Argan and bergamot oils add shine and strength. Japanese camellia oil softens hair, while camelina oil forms a protective shield against wind, rain, and humidity.

How to Use

Apply one or two pumps of oil to dry or damaged hair ends, then comb thoroughly. This is potent stuff, so err on the side of caution: Excessive use can lead to overly oily hair.

Argan oil, Camellia oil, Camelina oil, Vitamin E oil, essential oil blend including Bergamot.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Wonderful product

I have fine color treated hair and had been having trouble finding a good hair oil that will mend and moisturize my split ends until I found this product! I also have naturally curly/wavy hair and use heat tools every now and then and this oil works great. LOVE that it's vegan and the packaging/bottle is nice. The only (minor) downfall I have about this is the smell. It's not necessarily bad it just smells more plant-like instead of a floraly scent and I don't get any citrusy smell either. So glad I purchased this though! Can't wait to try other Herbivore Botanicals products too :)

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Smells amazing, works so lovely. The scent smells lovely long after hair is dry. Highly reccomend this product to anyone with any hair type.

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Thumbs Down

After reading other reviews, I purchased the hair oil. It does, in fact, smell like fruit loops... for about 10 seconds. Then, it turns into sort of a woodsy scent that is about the furthest thing from fruit loops. I have found that applied, even to wet hair, it weighs my hair down and causes it to look intensely greasy despite using only use a very small amount. I have been trying to like it for weeks but find that I have a nearly full bottle that I don't want to use anymore. :(

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Love the Smell ; Love the Feel

I looked through all the different hair oils and wasn't sure which to buy. There weren't that many reviews for this product but the promise of a fresh citrus smell that didn't linger all day seemed good. And it's true! There's this light citrus note that I love, and it's enough that if I held my hair in my face I smell it but not so much that it's overwhelming all day.
The texture of the oil is thick and well, oily. I rub a few drops from my palm into my finger tips and rub it into the top of my scalp gently, and my hair doesn't come off as greasy. I then add a few drops to my palms, rub them together and into the rest of my hair/mostly the ends. The oil leaves my hair untangled and UNSTATIC-Y all day! I wanted to emphasize the static part, since winter destroys my hair. The oil has also protected my hair from the chlorine effects of swimming!
My hair is VERY thick and down to my mid chest, and I use the oil maybe three times a week. I still have 2/3 of a bottle left. Definitely buying again.

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Smells great

This oil works amazingly. I have used it a few times and my hair always feels great. The first time I used it I put way too much in and my hair was very greasy but that was my own fault. So start small it is easier to put more in. It also smells great! My boyfriend said it smells lik

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I love a lot about this hair oil; starting with the efficiency of the product, it is certainly restorative. when I use it, you can hardly tell how damaged my ends are! (oops) the bottle is glass and the dropper is insanely convenient. THE SMELL is the best part! I immediately smelled fruit loops when I used it and every other person that I've had smell it said I couldn't have hit the nail more on the head. It's a nice change from the smells of other hair oils and it is not at all overpowering.

the only con to this product is that it is indeed OIL. you must use it while your hair is wet before stying or you will be able to feel the oil all day long.

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Great for coarse hair

This product is great for coarse hair! It locks moisture into my locks for days and keeps them shiny. I put the product on my hair before blow drying it and again before using a straightener or curling iron. I wash my hair about every three days. I put the product on the ends of hair on the days that I do not wash it. It keeps my hair from drying out or splitting. It smells great too!

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Beard Worthy

I bought this for my Boyfriend to use on his beard. He tends to have a dry scratchy beard and kissing him isn't that pleasant! Lol! He started using this and his beard already is becoming softer and his skin is even better too! Definitely a great purchase!

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