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Various Keytags Keytag- Temporary Solution Various Keytags Keytag- Panic Room Various Keytags Keytag- Unknown Various Keytags Keytag- Pied-a-Terre

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These tags work for single keys, but they’re most useful if you invest in a few and label your full assortment. Just remember which door “Parallel Universe” opens.

Various Keytags

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Birchbox Breakdown

Summer is a time for simple pleasures, and you won’t find anything simpler than these classic acrylic tags. Designed for organization, but labeled for sheer amusement, these one-of-a-kind accessories are our kind of Dada. Find the tag that’s right for you, and cherish it forever.

How it Works

Each tag measures 2 inches x .075 inches, and is made of 100% impact acrylic. Phrases range from more straightforward options like “Pied-a-Terre” to more existential choices like “Temporary Solution” and “Parallel Universe.” We’re not quite sure which category “Panic Room” falls into.

How to Use

These cheeky key wranglers work the same way as your traditional rings. Slide the appropriate key into place, and you’ll never forget its function.

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Small but funny

Smaller than it appears, the key chain's acrylic is strong. A clear conversation starter when your keys are left out. Over time, it does show color wear around the key ring.

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Makes me smile

I'd love it if this was metal, but it's fine just the same. It makes me smile when I look at my keys (and my life!).

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