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Unless you’re in the market for some formidable fridge magnets, we’d start with the original würkin stiffs Power Stays.

würkin stiffs® Replacement Power Buttons


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Birchbox Breakdown

The first würkin stiffs Power Stay was developed from a paper clip and a refrigerator magnet. They’ve come along way since then, but mistakes can still happen, and occasionally, those super-strong magnets may end up somewhere other than where you put them. These replacement Power Buttons hide nicely under your shirt, ensuring that your collar remains firmly in place, wherever you might roam.

How to Use

Whether your original power buttons got lost in the wash, at the gym, or in the back of a cab, these replacement buttons will fill in nicely. These stealth magnets cling beneath your dress shirt, while soft-touch silicone covers ensure that the fabric stays clean, and your collar stays close.

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