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This luggage tag is a perfect travel companion for Apolis' Transit Issue Camera Strap.

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Birchbox Breakdown

There's nothing worse than getting to the baggage claim after a redeye and grabbing the wrong black rolling case from the luggage carousel. Differentiate your bag from the rest of the pack with this sturdy leather tag. It's a significant upgrade over the cheap paper ones at the check-in counter and stands up to even the roughest of cargo handlers.

How it Works

Made in the USA, this durable leather tag measures 4.25” by 2.5.” A leather strap secures the tag to your luggage and a flap lifts to reveal your pertinent details.

How to Use

Insert a business card or slip of paper with your contact information into the flap, which closes shut with a brass snap. Then loop around your luggage handle and secure tightly with the buckle.

100% Genuine Leather, brass snap closure, black-coated steel buckle

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