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Your lips need a different kind of protection. Try (MALIN+GOETZ)’s lip moisturizer.


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Most deodorant formulas that succeed in covering up body odor come with an even stronger and more pungent odor of their own. But this award-winning deodorant stick from (MALIN+GOETZ) keeps its natural scent understated and refined, using eucalyptus extract and citronellyl to zap odors and moisturize skin. Magazines like Wallpaper and Esquire are big fans of this unisex deodorant, and so are we.

How to Use

Apply to dry underarms after your morning shower, or whenever your armpits need a little odor armor.

Propylene Glycol, Purified Water (Aqua Purificata), Sodium Stearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Extract, Citronellyl Methylcrotonate, Sodium Hydroxide, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glyco

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Finally one that works!

I have crazy sensitive skin and breast cancer runs rampant across my family tree. I try to be as cautious as possible about things due to that so I've been searching for deodorants that are on the safer side chemically (I'm a chemist and, quick PSA, I'm not saying I avoid chemicals... because everything is a chemical, such as good ol' water). I have tried a ridiculous number of deodorants to find failure with each. I also am anxious/stressed more than average and fight stress sweat something awful. Somehow this helps with that too (and if you have stress sweat, you know how different and awful it is in comparison to regular sweat). If you're looking for something gentle that also works, I highly recommend this. It has a very fresh scent and feeling, but the scent is extremely light and not overpowering.

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It's Super Effective!

I've been on the hunt for an effective aluminum-free deodorant for a while, and it's definitely the best I've come across so far. The eucalyptus scent is refreshing and light, and my underarms felt dry all day (I tend to be a relatively sweaty person). It also keeps odor down pretty well, though I sometimes apply it twice a day just to be sure in that department. And because I love the scent! I definitely felt that it was most effective when applied right after showering; I shower at night right before bed, so applying deodorant wasn't part of my evening routine. Finally, it really does keep my skin feeling moisturized, yet dry, which is something that most deodorants can't quite manage.

I'm a little leery of some of the ingredients listed, just because I have no idea what they are. That's not necessarily a knock against the product, since I know they don't straight out call this a "natural" deodorant (I assume that's because of the ingredient list including things like "Phenoxyethanol"); however, my ideal deodorant is 100% natural. At the same time, I don't like any of the 100% natural deodorants I've tried in the past, but I love (MALIN+GOETZ)!

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Works Great for Me

I bought this product a month ago based on this positive reviews. After a week of using it, I became a fan. Smells great, and it has worked much better than other natural competitors that I've tried over time.

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Love to dislike it (not hate it)

I was so excited about this product as I have been looking for a more natural deodorant and not only love but use other eucalyptus based products. I liked the reviews and thought it was worth trying out. I loved the scent and the feel of the product. Went on smoothly and dried quickly. Provided satisfactory odor protection for a basic day, needed to re-apply if going out for the evening. Kept me clean and refreshed. I do not have sensitive skin and as stated, use numerous other eucalyptus based products, despite the label saying it is gently to use, it completely broke out my underarms. It says ok to use even on shaved skin (I do not shave or remove my hair from my pits) it still broke me out. It was very painful and sad at the same time as I wanted to love this product.

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Best Natural Deodorant

This natural deodorant is great! When I decided to switch to a natural option, I tried a few different brands, none of which kept me dry or smell-free. A co-worker told me to try Malin+Goetz so I did, and I have been pleased as punch. Its the only natural deodorant that has kept me dry and smelling good. On some days when I go to the gym I will reapply, but for the most part, its long lasting.

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my favorite deoderant

Like the title says, this is the best smelling (not overwhelming) and effective deoderant I have come across. A staple in my cabinet.

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Nice scent

Good deodorants are hard to find. This one has a scent that does not overwhelm, and still keeps you fresh throughout the day.

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Excellent Most of the Year

I was looking for a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, and I found my holy grail. I found that regular antiperspirants would keep me from perspiring but my face also reacted by heating up (and turning really flushed) on days that were anything but very temperate. That was uncomfortable and it wasn't until I switched to only using a deodorant that I felt breezy and good.

The scent is subtle and unisex. Most importantly, it works under most conditions. Yes, I had to break out my Dove antiperspirant on a few very hot days where I wouldn't be able to touch up, but 98% of the year Malin + Goetz is a fantastic solution. If you work out you may want to touch up midday, so there is a little more maintenance involved but to spare myself the red-faced discomfort of using an antiperspirant (which I assume is my body's attempt to cool itself in any other way possible) it's well worth it.

If you sweat a lot or naturally have very strong body odor then this is likely not a good solution for you. I also found that cream deodorants (meow meow tweet has a good one) are a good stopgap for the sweatier days but they're more of a pain to apply.

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Great deodorant

I have been using this deoorant for years as the great smell and long lasting protection have served me well. Never have any irritation and the scent is perfect.

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This actually works!

I stopped using deoderant with aluminum and tried a few. This one was the best. You still sweat, it just doesn't smell like BO. I used the TOMS deoderant too and it burnt my armpits (they literally peeled!) and this was gentle enough to work. My husband is using it now too.

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