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If a badger brush shave just isn’t your style, skip straight to the good part with PRORASO Shave Foam.

PRORASO Shaving Brush

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Birchbox Breakdown

What happens when two Italian shaving pioneers sit down to design a shave brush? Pure grooming magic. This exceptional specimen is the result of a collaboration between PRORASO and the famous Omega Company. Boar-hair bristles work wonders in generating a creamy lather from hard soaps, while distributing an even coating across the entire face. Though perfectly fitting for brush-and-lather neophytes, this tool's superior build and quality materials make it an equally fine choice for the seasoned shaving vet.

How to Use

Wet the PRORASO brush with warm water, and apply your preferred soap. Move the brush over your face in a circular scrubbing motion until a rich lather develops. Shave as usual, re-lathering when necessary. Rinse your face with cold water, then rinse the brush before hanging it up to dry.

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After 6 month it's held up well!

Keys to keeping this brush soft is to make sure it dries completely after use. My husband hangs it upside down to get all the water out and it's prevented mold and stiff bristles!

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Awful. Bristles are way too stiff

Very disappointed with this brush. The bristles are very stiff, and thinly packed. It also feels like there aren't enough bristles packed in, and the brush is a bit thin. It feels like I am painting on the shaving product rather than working it in. It does create an ok lather once you get going, but it takes a lot getting there. Although I didn't expect much from this price point, I have purchased other brushes in the past at similar prices that have performed much better.

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Great deal

I bought this for my partner for Christmas to replace one that was wearing out, and was nervous about the quality for the price, as I was replacing a very expensive item. It did not let me down. He loves his new brush although it was a bit stiffer than his earlier brush. He says it helps create a lather.

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Great Product!!

By using this brush you don't need to use so much shaving cream, it foams it up very well. I use it with the Proraso shaving cream.

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This is a decent product for the price. Don't expect top quality and you won't be disappoited. If you haven't used a brush before and want to give it a try, this is perfect.

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