Kiehl's Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel

Some two-in-one products are meant to be—say a combination shampoo-body wash, or the bayonet. Now we can add a combo shaving cream-face cleanser to the list. This gentle and lightweight gel-foam does double duty, thereby saving space on your sink counter. Whether it’s being used for shaving or cleansing, this formula turns from a gel into a rich and dense foamy lather.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel
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Foam is fun.

As a big fan of most Kiehl's Facial Fuel products that I've tried, I found the Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel on a random visit to the Birchbox site as I searched for shaving cream. Let me clarify something, I shave in the shower because my skin gets irritated fairly easily and I never use shaving cream. Never really have. And assumed I never really would.

Enter this cool face wash+shaving cream all-in-one. When I saw it, I was a bit confused. Surely a product that is meant to wash my face, clean away dirt and other garbage, can't be a great shaving gel. I was totally wrong. This facial wash is great because it immediately starts to foam, so you can feel it working. It makes you feel as if the soap is getting right down to business, leaving your face looking fresh and re-invigorated. And the shaving cream component? Equally as awesome. Leaves my sensitive skin happy, cool and irritation free.

There you have it. Now it's your turn. Hit that purchase button. You know you want to.

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