(MALIN+GOETZ) 1 oz essential kit

Air travel is enough of a headache without trying to squeeze all of your products into a single plastic baggie. These TSA-friendly versions of (MALIN+GOETZ)’s best-selling products make it easy to jet without sacrificing your skincare regimen. Each kit includes six mini essentials in modern graphic packaging—and we don’t blame you if you dip into them before your next trip.

(MALIN+GOETZ) 1 oz essential kit
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Save your money.

I got a sample of their conditioner awhile back and it smelled really good (although it leaked all over the inside of my box, yuck). I decided to give this sample set a try since the sample did smell good and I love bergamot, one of the other scents in the set.

First off, these bottles are not full. All of them are about halfway full, so you're getting about half an ounce of each one. For the price point this does not seem fair.

Also (and this may be related to the half full thing) one of the bottles leaked. Again. Obviously the desgin of the bottles is not good or the caps are loosely screwed on. Either way, everything is goopy and sticky inside the bag and the spilled whatever made the blue ink of the insert dissolve so that the bottles are not only sticky but they will turn your fingertips blue if you try to touch them.

I wanted to give some of these away as a part of gift bags, but they are halfway full and the blue ink is not fully coming off. These brand-new samples look straight-up used. SO disappointed!

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Wonderful sampler!

I ordered this after trying the cilantro conditioner in my Birchbox. I was so impressed with the quality and the improvements I saw in my hair that I wanted to see what other products this brand had to offer. I can use each of these items in the shower and immediately following. Shampoo, conditioner, facial cleaner, body wash, facial moisturizer, and body lotion. You can tell that these are very high quality products made from all natural ingredients (I accidentally got some of the grapefruit face wash in my mouth and it actually tasted kind of good!). My only complaint is that some of the product had leaked out of one of the bottles when I received them in the mail. I see other reviewers had the same issue.. Hopefully Birchbox will take note of that and make sure that all of the lids are securely fastened to the bottles before packing them to ship from now on...

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Great gift!

I bought this as a gift for a friend of mine and she absolutely raved about it! She loved the natural scents of the products. I eventually bought one for me too!

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Nice products but leaky bottles

I bought this product to take on a business trip and try the samples. However, when I arrived I found that the bottles had all leaked during flight. I double checked when I was flying home that they were all tight, but again I had product leak.

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Didn't care for very much.

Both the face cleanser and moisturizer made my face sting. The body wash, conditioner, and shampoo were okay but nothing special.

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I bought this to try the Bergomot body wash

When i received the pkg there was blue ink over all of the bottles because something leaked and smeared. I found the quality of the products to be excellent. The body wash lathers well and makes your skin feel clean and soft. The smell is what I expected. In trying the facial was and b-5 body moisturizer, I was impressed. My biggest complaint is that sinking feeling of having very little product to use, and how hard it is to get the creams out of the bottles The cost was steep to be almost out of product.

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Convenient Size and Packaging

I bought this set for travel, since it seemed to have all the essential overnight items: Face wash/moisturizer, body wash/moisturizer, shampoo/conditioner. What else do you really need? I had never tried anything Malin + Goetz, despite hearing great things about their products, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try them out. I love the idea of the natural fragrances, too.

When I received the product, the body wash had leaked all over the packaging, which made the blue dye on the cardboard behind the bottles leak all over everything. Messy! I wouldn't ordinarily mention this except, well, there's no way I'm taking these products on a plane if they are going to leak like that! Since plane travel seems to be the point of how this is packaged, I found that to be a huge issue. The bag also smelled VERY strongly with an offensive "plastic-y" odor. I washed all the bottles and sadly, threw away the plastic bag, because I couldn't handle the smell and all the mess inside.

The actual products are nice. Nothing amazing, but good for travel. Everything is very subtly fragranced; if you like strongly scented products, I'm afraid this is not a good match for you. I enjoyed the peppermint shampoo and (what was left of) the bergamot body wash especially. I'm super picky about my facial skin care products, and I very much liked the cleanser/moisturizer combo. I'd buy the body wash again for home use (so yummy!), but unless M+G change their packaging, I'm afraid I won't be buying these products for travel again.

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Malin and Goetz

Everything smelled wonderful..however I was only able to experience a few things as everything leaked in the package and was mixed together which was a huge dissappointment.
The lotion was nice, I have very dry skin so I didn't really notice any luxe feel. Bottle size would have been nice for travel or gym, but again with all the leaking that took place it was easier to throw out then try and save.

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