Grooming Lounge "The Greatest Shave Ever" Try Me Kit

Unless you frequent five-star hotels, you know that the toiletries found at most inns, B&Bs, and motels leave a lot to be desired. This travel-friendly kit will prevent any late-night runs to the nearest drugstore: Mug Cleaner Face Wash removes grime and exfoliates, keeping skin clear no matter where your travels take you. Beard Master Shave Oil preps skin for your closest shave to date, while the Beard Destroyer Shave Cream prevents irritation and ingrown hairs. The appropriately named Best For Last Aftershave calms and refreshes even the most sensitive skin. Heck, you may even want to extend your stay.

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My husband liked this!

He really liked this kit. He liked the size of the products. PERFECT for a week long vacation! The scent is great too!

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Good Shave

I have only used this product for three shaves. I have to say that I like that it is unscented. The Pre-Shave oil is a must and I do like the one that come is this kit because it is in a pump bottle and you get the same amount every time. the shaving cream is thick and I have had to dilute it with some warm water in order to have it spread evenly on my face. The aftershave is nothing special, I still end up using a different aftershave and leave the one it the kit alone. If you are looking for a shave kit I do recommend this one.

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Shaving kit

Got these for a few people for Christmas. They seemed to really enjoy trying new products. Also liked that it has certain products for each step of the face while shaving. Good gift for a guy.

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Serves a good purpose.

I travel quite a bit on business and it served me well in a pinch. The shave oil was good quality. Maybe include a good disposable razor.

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Smoothest Shave Ever!

I have been using other non-can products and have been pleased with their results. My first foray into the non-supermarket shaving cream was the sample in my May Birchbox. The shave from that sample was so nice, I went out and purchased a badger and have not looked back.

I had a busy summer of traveling planned, so I tried "Greatest Shave Ever" due its convenient size and no need for a separate brush. What I got was the absolute smoothest shave ever...

The face wash is nice with a pleasant scent. The oil (which is what I think makes this shave so smooth) is nice as well. But, the bottle it comes in leaks during travel, so wrap it separately in plastic. I believe it has a little topical anesthetic in it (it left my lips a little numb), so no coffee immediately after shaving!

As the bottle says, shave cream does not lather too much. I did try using my badger brush, but did not get any significant lather. While I like a good lather, I don't think it matters all that much. I believe it's the oil that makes the difference here anyway.

The aftershave is a nice touch, too.

All-in-all, this is the smoothest shave I've ever had. The shave oil bottle could be better designed, though, to prevent leakage.

Since I'm using this as a kit, I don't think I can rate the products separately. I rate this kit 5 stars.

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