Well worth the price

As a medical student, I'm beginning to know how it feels to wash my hands 15+ times a day. I have never suffered from chronically dry/cracked hands before until this past winter. I read reviews on this product because I'm a big fan of Jack Black skincare but I was skeptical about the price since there are much cheaper lotions at the drugstore. But I have to bite my tongue....because after buying this, my hands are completely healed. Yes, over dramatic maybe? But seriously, only a pea size amount of this lotion will do wonders. The main concern about lotions is that greasy feeling afterwards....which is really frustrating when all u want to do is put on the lotion and get back to being on your iPhone. This stuff does the trick. Absorbs quickly, feels great, gets rid of the cracks, and has the perfect balance of scent. Well worth the money....after all, you only need to apply it once, maybe twice a day, whereas for other brands it might be a consistent application throughout the day. As my first review of anything skincare related, I plan on repurchasing this stuff over and over again!

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