Not quite what I expected...

Maybe I am not up on my hair product lingo, but I expected something a little less gelatinous. It's a strange texture...I guess like a gel, but something that you would usually find in a squeeze tube, not a tub. I think the tub made me assume that it had a more solid texture somewhere in between a gel and what I would consider a pomade. My husband didn't like it immediately, so I tried it on my sons and they hate it too. It dries very, very hard and sticky. I even tried it on myself and it just made my hair feel sticky too. I will continue to experiment with it, because I feel like maybe I could find a way to use it somehow (it's a big tub). So, I am assuming that this might be a good product for someone, I am just giving it two stars because it didn't work for us and I feel the description was a bit misleading for me. I wasn't able to "adjust for varying textures and level of hold" nor did it leave our "hair with a soft, non-shiny finish." It was a strong hold, sticky product that might be good for a style that needed a rock-hard finish.

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