Good stuff.

I would say the dude no 1 beard oil is pretty great. The smell is really nice. Very much a wood scent, but also throws in some earth and a dab of spice. I like it because I don't really wear cologne. I usually rely on either beard oil or after shave if I wear scent. I would say if you're going to invest in a good beard oil that can probably also double as a light cologne then I would say get this one. The oil is a lot lighter than other beard oils i've tried in the past. And as Ive said smells better too. However obviously 65 bucks is sort of steep for beard oil, but I can honestly say dude no 1 smells great, and it works really well. Also it's natural and hand made. Also you should know it comes in a roller ball application not a dropper. I don't know if that makes a difference. It wasn't that difficult to apply.

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